What is a TRIVTHON ?

For reasons beyond our control, we have no choice but to cancel the Anglophone Trivthon.

After seven years of hard work, Ken and Annette Carroll will be taking a well deserved break.

Due to her work commitment, Rhonda Whittaker who was to take charge of the Trivthon Organizing Committee will not be able to do so.

You would be more than welcome to participate in the French Trivthon .

The Trivthon is:

  • an event of friendly competition full of energy and good fun
  • based on the game « Trivial Pursuit »
  • played in teams with a maximum of 8 people including the Team Captain where your team mates are your life-lines
  • made up of 8 rounds of 10 questions on various subjects.

It’s also:
the major Fund Raising activity for the HOUSE OF NAZARETH held annually during the spring, in March or April.

Its structure:
The Trivthon is divided in two types of teams : the Corporate and the Non-Corporate

The corporate teams are mainly for Companies, Social Clubs, Organizations… and has three categories:

$1,500 minimum per team

The non-corporate teams are for families, groups of friends, co-workers… and has but one category:

$200 minimum per team

Sponsor sheets are available to help you in your efforts to bring in the most money for your team.

N.B.: you will have the chance to win beautiful prizes especially for the teams that bring in the most money for their category.


  • test your knowledge
  • learn new things while having fun
  • win prizes simply by being present
  • spend around 3 hours of pleasant relaxation
  • help a good cause while having fun

REGISTER your team for the house of Nazareth’s TRIVTHON as early as possible.

$200 will reserve your table.
You can bring the rest of your money when you attend the event.